Education for Dentists

In-Office Digital Workflows Featuring Lithium Disilicate: Scanning and Beyond

Experience chairside CAD/CAM workflows with technical experts who will take you from scanning and designing of a case to the final milled restoration. During this program, you will walk through the simplicity of restorative design, discuss the value of an automated 5-axis milling system and learn easy finishing techniques in preparation for crown seating. Join in the fun and see how you too can deliver long-lasting and esthetic lithium disilicate restorations.

Innovative Education
Innovative Education

What's New in Chairside Workflow? Increasing Efficiency with new Lithium Disilicate Technology

Increase the efficiency of single visit appointments of your lithium disilicate restorations using the newest technology to speed up your practice. During this program, clinical experts will walk through newly reduced crystallization and sintering times for lithium disilicate and 3Y zirconia without sacrificing esthetics. Additionally, technical experts will showcase new research comparing various properties of common CAD/CAM materials including zirconia and other glass ceramics.

Education for Laboratory Technicians

The Digital Denture

The Digital Denture System is a complete digital manufacturing process which allows dental professionals to create high-quality removable dentures. During this program, Technical experts will walk you through an integrated workflow that involves digital laboratory fabrication methods and established clinical treatment steps to manufacture digital dentures. Learn about the new innovative monolithic denture disc that offers seamless and efficient production of upper and lower dentures in a single uninterrupted milling process. Sign up for this special course today and see how you too can deliver long-lasting and esthetic dentures.

Innovative Education
Innovative Education

The 3D Printing System

There are new advancements in the printing technology for dental applications, however do these advancements meet the needs of laboratories? Learn about the revolutionary 3D printing system that is tailored to the requirements of dental applications and is extremely easy to use. During this program, you will walk through the workflow of advanced printing technology that consists of a range of high-quality materials, highly precise results due to the specially developed light engine and a straightforward handling procedure with an innovative cartridge system and intuitive operation. Join us to see how you can grow your digital portfolio and benefit from the advantages that additive manufacturing brings to your work.