01. What

Ivoclar Vivadent’s spirit of innovation, passion and vision is coming to cities and towns near you. Our Dental Innovation 40-foot mobile educational van features a showroom outfitted with our latest digital technologies and materials, including the PrograMill milling units, PrograPrint 3D printers, 3Shape scanners, IPS e.max materials, direct restorative solutions and the award-winning Ivotion Digital Denture System.

Our mission is to bring you a personalized educational experience with free CE programs and events that will help you learn and thrive in today’s challenging landscape. From on-site presentations, and personal one-on-one tours, hands-on training and demonstrations, your educational experience will be tailored to your needs, demonstrating our commitment to creating smart solutions for modern dentistry.

02. Why

The dental landscape is changing rapidly. Empowering your professional success is our number one priority. We understand that traveling for professional education is difficult in the current environment. That’s why we are embarking on this multi-city Dental Innovations Tour to bring high quality, in-person education and training safely to you.

03. Who

Ivoclar Vivadent is committed to improving technical and clinical practice across the dental profession. From general practitioners, dental specialists, laboratory owners, managers and technicians to students and dental dealer partners, please join us and expand your knowledge and capabilities so that we may succeed together.


Keep up-to-date on the latest direct materials and techniques as well as new and exciting cutting-edge technologies designed to streamline chairside procedures and processes. From the latest highly esthetic direct composite materials for anterior and posterior restorations and simplified application approaches using new light curing technologies to digital workflows with the PrograMill One chairside CAD/CAM unit and Ivotion Digital Dentures, our goal is to provide the learning experience you need to ensure clinical success today and in the future.

Laboratory Technician

Learning about the latest innovations in material science and advancements in CAD/CAM technology are the backbone of tomorrow's dental laboratory and at the core of sustainable business success. The latest developments in scanning, milling and 3D printing technology and materials for producing highly esthetic, life-like IPS e.max restorations, Ivotion Digital Dentures and more await you in our showroom. Discover new techniques and workflows taught by the masters in one-on-one demonstrations, training sessions and lectures. Our goal is provide you with the knowledge and skills you seek to hone your competitive edge. Our goal is to provide a solution that fits your business.

04. Where

Beginning in April 2021, the Dental Innovations Tour will begin crisscrossing North America from east to west , north and south, pulling into cities and towns near you.

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Birmingham, AL
Dec 9-10
Huntsville, AL
Dec 6-7
Phoenix, AZ
May 5-7
Los Angeles, CA
May 20-21
Sacramento, CA
Jun 3-4
San Diego, CA
May 13-14
San Francisco, CA
May 25-26
Southbury, CT
Sep 29-1
Jacksonville, FL
Dec 13-14
Orlando, FL
Dec 16-17
Atlanta, GA
Dec 1-3
Louisville, KY
Aug 9-10
Baltimore, MD
Oct 28-29
Boston, MA
Sep 22-24
New York
Long Island, NY
Oct 4-5
Oct 7-8
North Carolina
Greenville, NC
Nov 10-12
Raleigh, NC
Nov 4-5
Philadelphia, PA
Oct 25-26
South Carolina
Charleston, SC
Nov 17-19
Dallas, TX
Apr 19-20
Houston, TX
Apr 27-29
San Antonio, TX
Apr 22-23
Richmond, VA
Nov 1-2
Seattle, WA
Jun 10-11
Montreal, QC
Oct 18-19
Toronto, ON
Sep 15-17

05. How

Contact your local representative to book a one-on-one time slot OR follow the link below and find your city, it will take you to our scheduling assistant where you can register for:

  • Free CE Education for Dentists and Lab Technicians
  • Open-house cocktail receptions for Dentists and Lab Technicians
Innovative Education Innovative Education

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Innovative Education

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